I can offer you…

Are you going to develop a new product or redesign an existing product? - Perhaps due to EOL on components or cost reductions?

I am able to assist with my 15 years of experience in product development - including hardware and software development.

I can also participate in ongoing projects using my competences and/or provide a new perspective on the process/product.

If you are in need of an additional resource, I am also happy to help.

Development of embedded software/firmware.

I have developed embedded software/firmware for many different processor types - including:

  • STM32 (STMicroelectronics)
  • MX28 and i.MX6 (Freescale)
  • PIC16 (Microchip)

I am very experienced with the ARM Cortex processor cores - especially the M0 and M3 cores.

I am using several programming languages, including C/C++/C#/Java/JavaScript - and I am willing to take up the challenge of using other programming languages.

I have worked with the operation system Windows Embedded Compact 5/6/2013 (WinCE) for many years. Not only limited to application level development using Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, but also extensions and bug fixes in the BSP (Board Support Package).

I also use RTOS for embedded systems and have experience in using μC/OS-II.

Development of Web, apps for mobile/tablet and PC.

I develop Web applications - mainly in the Microsoft ASP.NET framework, and have experience with website development using the open source CMS system Umbraco.

I have also written programs for PC, which mainly is written in the Microsoft .NET framework using the language C#, including:

  • Programs for control of test equipment
  • Programs for update of encrypted firmware in embedded devices
  • Programs for analysis of data protocols
  • Programs for visualisation of data